He knows Texans are furious and aren’t buying his con anymore.

What’s he trying to hide?

Here’s what you and your family are living with because of Rick Perry’s failings.

Perry’s record on the education of your children:

  • Oversaw a 72% increase in college tuition ratesi
  • Vetoed full day pre-kindergarten for our kidsii
  • Let Texas become the state with the highest percent of adults without a high-school diplomaiii
  • Let a greater share of children go uninsured than any other stateiv
  • Ignored Texas has the highest teenage birthrate in the countryv

Perry’s record on the energy you use and the environment you live in:

  • Allowed polluters to release more cancer-causing toxins into the air than any other statevi
  • Fast-tracked permits for eleven new, dirty coal plants, adding to the risk of asthma and premature deathvii
  • Deregulated electricity rates, letting utility bills rise faster than the national averageviii

Perry’s record on the Texas economy, employment and your money:

  • Has overseen the highest unemployment in 22 yearsix
  • Created the largest budget deficit in Texas history – $18 billion and countingx
  • Raised unemployment taxes on small businesses to the highest level in 10 yearsxi
  • Let homeowner insurance companies jack up their rates to the highest in the nationxii
  • Ran the Texas Enterprise Fund less as a job-creation agency, and more as a slush fund to reward his rich donorsxiii
  • Broke his “No New Taxes” pledge by unfairly expanding the gross receipts tax to more small and medium-sized businesses, costing them billionsxiv

But Perry’s not suffering, instead he’s living lavishly. When he’s not in San Francisco begging for cash from his big business buddies, Perry’s cowering in his $1.85 million mansion flipping through the pages of his Food and Wine magazine – all paid for by your tax dollars.

But Perry is not about to face up to his own extravagant life style at your expense, instead he blames the Department of Public Safety and the Texas Legislature for making him live in his fancy, taxpayer-funded, $10,000 rental mansion, claiming “It’s up to them.”

Rick Perry is afraid to face the truth about his record. And he’s even more afraid to face Texans.
With a record like his is it any wonder why?

For more facts about Rick Perry’s disastrous record, download your latest copy of Texas on the Brink.

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